Tech-Mech Institute Of Advance Technology



Tech-Mech Provided to you different types of computer Courses and certification which is help to you for complete your Goal..!!!


Training & Certification


Certificate Course in Computer Aplication                         3 Month

Certificate course in Website Development                    3 month

HTML                              1 Month

PHP                                1 Month

.Net fundamental            45 Days

MATLAB                           80 Hr.


C++                        45 Days 

Java                       45 Days

C language             45 Days

Visual Basic           45 Days

Photoshop             1 Month

MS Office              3 Month

Coral Draw            1 Month

PageMaker           1 Month

Internet                 1 Month

English Speaking   3 Month

Web Hosting


You get unlimited support and you can be confident in the knowledge that your website is being hosted with one of India.